When you trip and your spaghetti falls out your pocket by KingBach

i hate this



The Scientist - Coldplay
You don’t know how lovely you are

#modern!ereri time travel au
#where levi dies in a freak car accident
#and eren goes back to try and save him
#but each time he goes back he can never save levi
#and he knows that he is killing himself by going back
#knows that he should just let levi go
#that obviously fate is not going to sway in her plans
#but he keeps trying regardless
#keeps witnessesing the love of his life die
#over and over
#until finally he decides that maybe /he/ is the reason that levi cant be saved
#that if he had never met him then levi would survive
#so one day he decides to go back further than he’s ever went before
#goes back before he ever had met levi
#and with the travel go all the memories of the man
#he grows up and never sees levi
#doesnt take him on that first date to that god awful movie
#doesnt share that first kiss in the rain
#and as eren grows older he begins to remember bits and pieces of the man
#but he never takes it for anything other than a weird dream
#until finally he has landed a job at the lawyer firm of his dreams
#his first day goes great
#he even stops to talk to one of the girls he works with after his shift
#and he is about to ask her out for coffee when he bumps into someone
#he turns to apologize but his breath hitches in his throat when he sees the man
#and the memories come pouring back
#because levi is here
#and he’s alive
#and if that smirk is any indication then he remembers eren too